Windows Software Development

I offer 20 years experience of working with Windows from deep down at the device driver level all the way up to applications and the user interface.




Are you using or planning to use multi-screen or video capture products? I can:

  • Help you design systems using multi-screen or video capture hardware.
  • Help you incorporate multi-screen or video capture into an existing product.



I can provide training in all aspects of Datapath products:

  • How the individual cards work within a system.
  • Designing and building large systems.
  • How to use SDKs and fully utilise the features of Datapath hardware.
  • Trouble shooting:
    • Identifying and isolating problems.
    • Gathering information to facilitate support.


Commissioning a system

  • Unpacking and checking for damage in transit.
  • Connecting all input and output cables.
  • Configuring the operating system and application software.
  • Carrying out acceptance testing, etc..



On Site Troubleshooting

I can assist by visiting the site:

  • If you have difficulty setting up a new system.
  • If you have problems with an existing system that your own team cannot identify.


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